3 steps to Transform Your Perfectionism: A Guide to Happier, More Confident Performance

3 STEPS TO TRANSFORM YOUR PERFECTIONISM:A guide to happier, more confident performance

Unveil The Secret To Happier & More Confident Performance With This Free Workbook, Uniquely Designed for Perfectionist Athletes Like You

Overcoming pressure as an athlete

What makes this resource So Good:

  • The weight of unrealistic standards, the fear of making mistakes, and the constant need to be perfect can make anyone feel stressed and anxious about their performance. Let’s be honest about these challenges and shift the focus to how you can manage perfectionism and turn it into your confidence!
  • Recognizing Maladaptive Perfectionism and how it is impacting your life so you can change it for good  
  • ​Tips and exercises for Celebrating Progress Over Perfection so you can find more joy and satisfaction in your daily life
  • Self-Reflection Journal to help you identify the challenges AND overcoming them quicker!
  • ​📄 Cost-Benefit Analysis for the breakdown of your perfectionism - a huge tool for the change you wanna make!
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    Dedicate yourself to practicing these techniques consistently, and then - you will witness great results!

This workbook is designed to help you identify maladaptive perfectionism, work on it, and implement small but impactful actions to manage it effectively.​