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3 Key Steps to Boost Focus, Gain Confidence, and Perform at Your Peak

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Great question! This Challenge Is For You, Especially If...

  • ​You are tired of knowing you can do better than what you are currently showing so you keep feeling frustrated or disappointed after trainings or competitions (especially when you check the stat sheets, watch films etc.).. So you STILL feel like you haven't reached what you could.
  • You put a lot of pressure on yourself and lately sport has been feeling heavier and you would like to be more content with yourself some day again...  (Psst... you’ll learn about a method that transforms "subpar" performance into the performance you already have in you - and turn off overthinking!!) 
  • ​You know other people's opinions shouldn't matter but you still compare yourself to others often and worry what other people think about you and your level... 
  • You understand the importance of being mentally strong - confident and consistent no matter the situation...  because you also know that if you could do that, you would feel happier and more successful pretty instantly! (Plus your level of performance!)
  • You already try really hard but you would simply want to get more results and faster but your to do list is already long... So let me introduce the true accelerator of success in this webinar to you that will will help you find priorities that will guarantee to help you to get better!

  • PS. I am not gonna just say "Believe in yourself!" or other clichés you have already heard million times .. Instead I'll give you 3 efficient steps to better manage your focus, thoughts, feelings and therefore, behavior and performance. But I need an open mind from you so you can dive deeper than the clichés with me..
  • PS2: Join us LIVE and receive an exclusive surprise gift! It’s a must-have collection of resources for any athlete serious about success. This special package includes top books tailored for advancing your mental training and performance. Don't miss out - get this resource for free when you join the live training!

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Saana Koljonen mental performance coach

Saana Koljonen

Mental Performance Coach and Breathwork Facilitator 

Saana Koljonen is a Mental Performance Coach and Breathwork Facilitator, and the CEO of Authentic Excellence. 

As a former professional volleyball player from Finland, co-creator of Sports Capacity Assessment - most comprehensive behavioral assessement developed in sports globally - Saana's mission is to help pro athletes and teams reach their best faster through joy, consistency and confidence instead of endless grind and feeling inadequate.

She has worked also with the Olympic Committee of Finland, Extended DISC, Volleyball Federation of Finland, national teams and clubs at the highest level. Saana is the perfect host to guide athletes about the power and impact of their focus and mental performance as those have been the breakthroughs for her and for her clients. 

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