is about how I went from feeling like “I’m not enough” to realizing that I am and that I might want to start a business as a mental performance coach and later even add breathwork facilitator certification to the mix!

In December 2018, I went from being a professional athlete living my dream in France to a bedridden patient fighting a nasty bacterial infection in my ankle. I had to undergo four surgeries and spent four months in bed. It was such a surreal experience (“how is this my life??”), but it was also very real.

Despite my physical limitations, I stayed mentally active by learning like a lizard. I listened to podcasts, read books and articles, watched documentaries, and took online classes. I even started working for Extended DISC Finland/Finxs Global from my bed in Finland.

In July 2019, I took a chance to coach and learn more about the coaching side of volleyball at Colorado University of Boulder as a volunteer coach. I packed my bags and moved to Denver, away from my volleyball bubble in Europe, also so that this distance could help me heal my wounds when my career came to an unexpected end.

​​It was during this time that I realized the impact I can have on the (sports) world beyond my career as an athlete. I became even more passionate about authenticity, self-awareness, breathwork, thought and behavioral patterns that drive us, and using deep mindset work to thrive again.

I wanted to share my lessons, experience, insights and guidance with others so you/they wouldn’t have to underperform or struggle with self-doubt, burnouts or too many injuries when there are better solutions.

​As a former professional athlete, I know the struggles and challenges that come with pursuing excellence in sports and in life, and the long-term commitment and sacrifices that come with bigger, ambitious goals. The pressure to perform can be overwhelming, and it’s easy to lose sight of our true selves and our real well-being in the process.

That’s why I started this business – to help people like you reach that next level in an authentic way that doesn’t sacrifice YOUR health and well-being.

​Through my own journey, I’ve learned that the key to achieving excellence is to align your goals with your unique values, needs, and strengths. And with my guidance, you can create a path that leads to success without injuries or burnouts.

​​I understand firsthand the importance of building trust within oneself to stand up for what is right, say no when necessary, and prioritize our own well-being. In my own athletic career, I had to learn this lesson the hard way which is why my career ended before I would have wanted. But now, I’m here to share these lessons with you and help you avoid the mistakes I made.

​Whether you’re an athlete, a high performer, or simply someone who wants to live a fulfilling life, I can help you find the right headspace to reach your goals because quite often, we already have the skills but our mind is limiting us. With my expertise and tools, you’ll learn to trust yourself, build confidence, joy and freedom AND achieve more in life.

​​I’m annoyingly passionate about helping people who are self-aware, passionate about growth and their sport/field, and willing to do the work.  So if you’re ready to take the step towards your next level, let’s connect and start this journey together.

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